Connected Devices Sales Consultant

What does a Best Buy Connected Devices Sales Consultant do?

Do you love listening to the latest tunes through your portable headphones? Or, using a wearable to track the amount of physical activity you perform in a day? If you think it would be fun to sell these products check out the Best Buy Connected Devices Sales Consultant role. Best Buy Sales Consultants excel at selling products and services and work closely with other sales team members. They accumulate the appropriate knowledge and expertise through continuous learning and self-development. Armed with the right tools and knowledge, they create ease and add value to the Best Buy experience; ensuring customers end-to-end needs are met. As a trusted advisor and partner, Best Buy Sales Consultants develop strong relationships with customers and bring them a little closer to family and friends by helping them close the gaps with technology.

The Best Buy Sales Consultant engages customers by utilizing selling skills to build the right solutions for our customers. They will sell a broad range of products and services including health and fitness, head phones and portable speakers using a proven structured approach while at the same time developing in-depth knowledge of the latest technology.
Job responsibilities include:
* Provide personalized service and exceptional expertise for customers.
* Handle all aspects of the sale including customer contracts and warranties, customer payments, cash and credit card/check transactions.
* Develop, maintain and communicate strong, up-to-date knowledge of health and fitness, head phones and portable speakers products, accessories, pricing plans and service features.

What are the Professional Requirements of a Best Buy Sales Consultant?
Basic Qualifications
* 3 months experience actively using and learning about customer electronics
* Prior experience in a team environment requiring clear, professional and effective communication
* Prior experience with recommending products, services or solutions to others

Preferred Qualifications
* High School Diploma or equivalent
* 3 months experience working in customer service, sales or retail
* 3 months experience working with department specific product