Lone Palm Bartender

Job Summary:
Responsible for excellence in guest satisfaction; serves food and or beverages to guests according to established standards and keeps dining area clean at all times by performing the following duties:
Job Duties:
Daily Operations
1. Prepares and serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for guests and for staff to serve to guests
2. Verifies all guests that purchase alcohol are at least 21 years of age.
3. Follows all established recipes and procedures in beverage program.
4. Possesses full knowledge of food and beverage products served and utilizes suggestive selling techniques.
5. Takes orders and delivers food and beverage in a timely manner.
6. Ensures guests receive immediate, friendly and personalized service to build their intent to return.
7. Guides guests through menus, answers questions thoroughly, and provides specific item suggestions and information about the establishment.
8. Maintains positive guest satisfaction by exceeding service expectations.
9. Handles guest complaints or directs them to a manager
10. Operates point-of-sale system with high level of efficiency and handles large amounts of currency.
11. Practices proper cash handling procedures by addressing the point-of-sale system after every transaction, properly organizing money, counting change back to guests, and following appropriate checkout procedures.
12. Maintains cleanliness of bar, glassware, utensils, and counters.
13. Cleans up spilled drinks, excess liquid, broken glass, or other debris in a timely manner.
14. Tracks items that are spilled or wasted.
15. Assists with stocking the bars initially with liquor, beer, wine, juices, mixes, glassware, utensils, cocktail napkins, fresh cut fruit, garnishes etc.
16. Provides aid to the bar backs in re-stocking and maintaining par levels of all necessary items.
17. Conducts inventory of all liquor and bar related items.
18. Follows proper ordering procedures to maintain appropriate par levels of all bar related products.
19. Sets up and breaks down equipment and supplies
20. Ensures floors are clean of debris and spills at all times.
21. Maintains work areas by organizing and cleaning service stations and pre-bussing tables as needed of all used glassware/ plate ware/ silverware etc.
22. Writes down all orders and inputs them into the point-of-sale system accurately.
23. Acts as a final check on quality of food and beverage items before they are served to guests and ensure appropriate garnishes and condiments are on plate.
24. Puts out sanitizer buckets with clean towels for cleaning purposes.
25. Assists management in training new Staff Members within their department, when applicable.
26. Provides friendly, courteous service to guests and other staff members.
27. Completes all opening, running, and closing duties as assigned.
28. Maintains high-level of knowledge regarding the companys products and happenings, and communicates properly to guests; establishes rapport with all guests through name recognition.
29. Notifies manager or supervisor of low inventory and recommends new inventory; communicates opportunities and concerns.
30. Performs other duties and tasks as assigned or determined by management or supervisors and moves with a sense of urgency.
31. Adheres to responsible alcohol service established by company policy.
32. Understands and utilizes all safety and sanitation practices as defined in the safety program and reports any accidents to management.
33. Adheres to all company policies and procedures as established in the Staff Member Handbook.
Cash Procedures
1. Maintain a house bank of $500 in accordance with established cash handling procedures.
2. Post charges to guest accounts from other outlets on the estate.
3. Process guest billing using cash, checks, credit cards, and special billing.
4. Monitor bank cash and determine daily adequate currency and coin levels for operational use.
Guest Services
1. Convey a favorable image of the organization by projecting a positive, professional appearance and demeanor to our guests.
2. Participate in increasing the percentage of return guests by listening to and fulfilling their needs with a caring and responsive attitude.
3. Provide exceptional and efficient guest service when taking orders and use effective up-selling techniques.
4. Participate in the programs established to upsell guests premium drink and food specials.
5. Provide a safe and secure environment for both our guests and colleagues by knowing and assisting in safety and emergency procedures.
6. Provide a cooperative attitude to fellow co-workers including employees in all other estate outlets.
7. Offer and provide assistive devices to our guests with disabilities in a thoughtful and professional manner.
Margaritaville creates and delivers Fun and Escapism. Employees must be able to relate to other people beyond giving and receiving of instructions: (a) can get along with co-workers or peers without exhibiting behavioral extremes and (b) respond appropriately to criticism from a supervisor.