Team Member – Sprint Mart #65, Washington

Title: Team Member Reports to: Team Leader Function: Promote store sales and growth through quality customer service Responsibilities to Customers: 1. Greet every customer as they enter the store 2. Offer to assist the customer while shopping 3. Suggest additional items for purchase 4. Thank the customer and invite them to return 5. Maintain a clean shopping environment 6. Keep merchandise clean, stocked, and rotated 7. Be courteous and polite at all times 8. Be knowledgeable and helpful about the store and the surrounding area 9. Operate register and equipment efficiently 10. Keep the customer first in all aspects of the job Responsibilities to Co-Workers: 1. Consistently complete all shift duties 2. Maintain clean, safe work areas 3. Resolve conflicts in a positive, productive manner 4. Follow policies and procedures at all times 5. Maintain a positive, cooperative attitude Responsibilities to Management: 1. Properly report all incidents, problems or concerns 2. Follow proper vendor receiving policies 3. Follow all loss prevention policies at all times 4. Follow directions and instructions given by management Responsibilities to the Company: 1. Keep personnel areas secured 2. Comply with all laws and ordinances 3. Wear the proper Sprint Mart uniform while on duty 4. Attend training classes as scheduled by the Team Leader 5. Report all suspicious activity 6. Accomplish goals as set forth with the Team Leader 7. Learn and follow all company policies and procedures Responsibilities in daily operations: 1. Accurately verify age on restricted product sales 2. Carry out any duties assigned by the Team Leader 3. Report to the store manager all unsafe or improper practices or conditions