Randstad Holding in DJSI 2017 and assessed best in class in the social dimension

Randstad Holding in DJSI 2017 and assessed best in class in the social dimension


Today, the results have been announced of the annual Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (‘DJSI’) review.

Launched in 1999, the DJSI  recognize the leading companies in each industry sector for responsible economic, environmental, and social performance.

Randstad Holding is proud to be included as a member in the Professional Services industry of the DJSI world and DJSI Europe indices.

We were assessed as best in class by RobecoSAM on the social dimension, including the areas Human Capital Development, Labor Practice Indicators, and Talent Attraction & Retention. The other areas that were also assessed as best in class are Materiality and Policy Influence.

Since the introduction of our core values, we have aspired to grow sustainably. We aim to safeguard the business and its long-term viability, while taking the interests of all stakeholders into account. In addition, we make our business increasingly relevant to all parties involved. This aspiration is clearly reflected in our core value of ‚simultaneous promotion of all interests’.

Jacques van den Broek comments: “I’m proud that our efforts in the social dimension are considered best in class and that we continue to be included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. It shows that our social impact contributes to a better sustainable world.


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