Randstad shareholders adopt all AGM resolutions

Randstad shareholders adopt all AGM resolutions


At the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders today, all resolutions on the agenda were adopted.

Shareholders adopted the financial statements 2016 and approved the proposal to pay dividend of € 1.89 per ordinary shareand to pay dividend of € 12.6 million on preference shares B and C. All dividends will be paid fully in cash. The ex-dividend date is April 3, 2017. The record date is April 4, 2017. The payment of cash dividend will take place on April 7, 2017.

Shareholders also adopted the following resolutions:

  • Discharge of liability of members of the Executive Board and members of the Supervisory Board
  • Extension of the authority of the Executive Board to issue shares
  • Extension of the authority of the Executive Board to restrict or exclude the pre-emptive right to any issue of shares
  • Extension of the authority of the Executive Board to repurchase ordinary shares
  • Extension of the authority to cancel repurchased ordinary shares
  • Amendment of the remuneration policy of the Executive Board
  • Approval of the performance-related remuneration of the Executive Board
  • Reappointment of Deloitte Accountants BV as external auditor for the financial year 2018


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